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Like so many things in life…it starts with a choice.

My name is Kirk Fernwood. I am a confessed film fanatic (ask my friends! LOL). As going to the movies really didn’t become a favorite hobby until the college years when I had the freedom to go when I wanted, my overall enjoyment of watching them has only continued to grow. But, I also started to realize as more recent years have come along, that it was beginning to go BEYOND entertainment. I found I wanted to write reviews, to put my thoughts out there, and to find a way to become a PART of the industry itself. My mother had always told me growing up I was so “dramatic”, but I never attempted to pursue acting in any form, mostly out of the fear I would not be “good enough” or couldn’t “compete” with others who clearly (in my mind) had the skills already. But I never KNEW for sure because I didn’t even TRY. And so it was as the post-college years passed by, as I had people throughout that time asking me why I didn’t look into becoming a Film Critic/Reviewer, as it was more than evident I had a passion to see movies! Averaging anywhere from 35-45 per year, I kept hearing those questions being posed and my only response was to kind of laugh it off in that “Ha! Yeah, wouldn’t that be cool?” dismissive way…again, afraid to even TRY for fear and my own self-imposed doubts.

Fast forward to January 2014. After so much time of having the dream of being a full-time Film Critic, I FINALLY decided it was time to put the doubts aside, quit believing it all wasn’t possible, and put the first step into action….this website, OneFilmFan.com. I recall when I posted my first review and hit “Publish”, my opinion was out there for that film…for anyone to see anywhere in the world. Now, I knew (and still know), it all takes effort, discipline, patience, and time to make something new catch on, to attain the level of exposure and success desired. And therefore, I have stuck with it. I found an even newer drive to work on the site, ultimately pairing it with an associated Facebook Page at Facebook.com/onefilmfan and Twitter account @OneFilmFan. Focusing on both Major Release and Indie films, as well as having posted actor/actress profiles and a few brief commentaries on related subjects, I have watched as the first year is almost over. 90+ reviews, multiple connections with publicists/PR firms, a marketing firm, indie film makers, and several actors, multiple review offers brought TO me by them, and several actor interviews later, I finally see…it all IS possible.

On my Twitter and personal Facebook accounts, you will see the symbol below…it is a rune from one of my favorite YA fantasy book series/films, “The Mortal Instruments”. And it stands for what you need to be for any new endeavor that seems daunting….FEARLESS.

This dream is becoming reality. I hope you enjoy OneFilmFan.com.

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  1. Reply Anonymous Jan 13,2015 2:50 am

    That is cool Kirk 🙂 Good job !

  2. Reply Rita S Jan 13,2015 2:52 am

    Like the logo/symbol:)

  3. Reply Emil J Oct 16,2016 7:27 am

    Writing is acting on a piece of paper, and acting is writing in front of a camera/audience. Was happy to read that you were able to realise one of your dreams. So often life brings what we want, but from a completely different direction.

  4. Reply Pierre Jan 18,2018 10:34 am

    Hi Kirk,
    A great vocation as a cinema critic, especially when it is lived with passion and kindness!
    Please forgive my english, i’m a little french …
    All the best,
    Pierre from Paris

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