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Good evening (or substitute the appropriate time of day for you wherever you may be!) readers!  One of the ongoing and exciting aspects of this site is having the chance to speak with and have connection to many different people in the filmmaking industry to date, especially among the indie folks.  This has been quite a fulfilling adventure in itself.  Thanks TO one of these connections, I specifically have the honor of being chosen as the exclusive source for news bites, interviews, and material to post for the currently filming, Michigan-based production “Urban Myths”.  Having previously posted several articles late last year and also the interviews with Director Kim Marie and star Lou Ferrigno, Jr., I now wanted to bring you further insight into this paranormal/supernatural thriller with a message thanks to the partnership with Renee Shaw at ReSource Marketing.  So I hope you enjoy this Press Release focusing more on the Native American influence the film has at its core and the Production Company behind it, Kim Marie’s own Mirror Dog Productions.

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Mirror Dog Productions filmed “Urban Myths” to shed light on issues we all face and set a precedence for future productions

Mirror Dog Productions was created to be a diversified platform for “World Shakers”…for artists to be able to get their projects produced in many unique and creative ways….with film, television, music, art, or other media used as conduits to get messages out to the world.  Vision….it’s the most powerful tool or weapon we have.  Together, we will create change, repair, rebuild and restore.  As such, Mirror Dog Productions’ mission is to support community, causes, and grassroots efforts in a new and innovative way.  It’s time for messages to be heard.  People are looking for answers, stories, and something relatable to help guide them along their path.

Producer, Writer, and Director Kim Marie created “Urban Myths” to be one of many films that is not only entertaining, but is also delivering a message. “Urban Myths” was written in a way to create equality through a diverse ensemble cast, each being from a different culture, color, and/or background.  However, not ONE character is labeled or shown in a stereotypical way in order to create a relationship with the audience, in hopes they can see past the outer skin and look deeper into each one presented.  “Why I told the story I chose to tell”, says Kim Marie, “is I made a decision to awaken a new way of being, to show how truly powerful we are by unlocking that inner potential, and accomplish this through a story that youth, young adults, and old alike can find something (or someone) to relate to. We all have asked the question…”Who are we really?”

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This is a whole new take on “a group of students who went into the woods to seek out…story.” says Kirk Fernwood, movie reviewer and administrator at OneFilmFan.com., who is following closely with behind the scenes commentary. Kim adds that “Michigan is a State steeped in both ghostly tales and the lore and legends of the Native American culture, and this film will infuse all of these elements to take us beyond the “norm” while reflecting the true culture and how we are all connected.”  Hence, “Urban Myths” is more than just a dramatic, paranormal-based thriller.  It’s a movie teaching life lessons to people in a way they can relate to and comprehend.  One of the very important parts in “Urban Myths” is filming the “Warrior Scene” that helps tie the message of the old story “The Two Wolves, Which will you feed?”  This important message needs to be filmed and spread to the world.  Mirror Dog Productions is looking to work closely with Native American Elder advisors in Michigan to ensure the authenticity of the scenes. In addition, they will be casting local Native American talent and crew, as well as utilizing authentic props.  At the same time, they will also be casting extras for the Native American Music Video with Silverfox, so that it can be submitted to the 2015 Native American Music Awards.

“Urban Myths'” animal star, the half arctic/half grey wolf Shiloh, was cast to represent the “light and teacher” and is the symbol for the hunted to trust their instincts.  Shiloh’s “mom & dad”, Kaya Whitefeather and Cal ‘Silverfox’ (a talented musician who plays the magical melodies of the flute), all reside in Northern Michigan.  Throughout “Urban Myths”, animal spirit totems are used as metaphors, as through many cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs, animals have played a significant role.  The wolf is the true spirit of freedom and unspoiled wilderness, and even considered the greatest teacher among many tribes.  It imparts the concepts of family….forgiving, trustworthy, intimate, and loving.  Additionally, you can learn about community, selflessness, generosity, and trusting your instincts….so when the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

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Mirror Dog Productions is also reaching out to Michigan’s Indigenous community for elders to step up and help guide the film with their feedback.  This can help ensure that this production, and future productions currently scheduled, truly represent and help unite all of us as well as inspiring to keep creating more stories like this that can make a difference in our world.

This film is TRULY unique, and a stand out from the crowd of cult films these days, in that you can jump in right now and be part of the Post-Production, the Marketing, Film Festival appearances, on top of the momentous exposure this can bring to businesses and people in the community.  “Urban Myths” also has one of the most interesting campaigns ever hosted on Indiegogo, and will be raising funds for the post-production, the aforementioned special “Warrior” scene, film festivals, PLUS an amazing charitable red carpet premier for this astounding new project from Mirror Dog Productions.  It’s a great opportunity for people and businesses to be part of the movie making process.  The Indiegogo Campaign for “Urban Myths” gives Mirror Dog Productions an opportunity to bring people together in a cause, and helps unite them for a purpose.  So…don’t wait, folks…CHECK THIS ALL OUT!

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