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First, the Recap:

Faith. It is the unseen power of strong, rooted belief. A strong realization that even in the face of daunting circumstances, there is hope, there is a resolution, there is an absolute trust that all will be well. And, it is a concept that can shake us to our very being when it is challenged in ways well beyond our human comprehension.  Such is the case with real estate sales rep Elizabeth Jordan (Priscilla C. Shirer), a mom to daughter Danielle (Alena Pitts) and wife to husband Tony (T.C. Stallings). The ideal family, living a blessed life based mainly on Tony’s career as a successful pharmaceutical sales rep. But in reality, Elizabeth’s marriage is being attacked, as Tony’s distant, workaholic attitude is taking its toll on the family.

Enter into the picture Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), an aged woman with whom Elizabeth connects with when assisting to sell Miss Clara’s home. Straight-forward and persistently unwavering in her trust in God, Miss Clara pointedly shares with Elizabeth about the power of prayer, and that the battles being fought need to be from a place of forgiveness, humbleness, surrender to God, and belief rather than through just hollow words and failed actions. Reluctant at first, Elizabeth ultimately embarks on a life and heart-changing journey that reconnects her with her own faith, even as it shines a new light on the issues with Tony. Soon, both of them are caught up in a potent spiritual revival that brings healing to situations outside, but more importantly, within.

Next, my Mind:

Director Alex Kendrick, no stranger to faith-based efforts like “Facing The Giants”, “Fireproof”, and “Courageous”, is firing on all the spiritual cylinders for this awesome, affecting film. Unafraid to be very outright in its proclamation of faith in God, Jesus, and prayer, the movie glides along on a fantastic blend of poignant drama and absolutely endearing, light-hearted humor that you just cannot help but be engaged by. Such a strong portrayal of Christian faith, you think, might drive some potential viewers away. However, this reviewer would challenge those people especially to give this story a serious chance to impact their mind, heart, and soul. The overall need and relevance of this film’s message is a given.

Shirer and Stallings deliver very solid, realistic portrayals of a couple on the ropes, each facing the inevitable confrontations that will serve as the catalysts for God to work His hand and plan for the reconciliation into each of their paths, and again, illustrate the majestic power of prayer and the influence it can truly have when faith is included. But the real treat here is Abercrombie as Miss Clara.  The high-spirited, affable genuineness of the character’s spiritual beliefs is so firm, straight-forward, and unshakable, that she WILL have you both laughing and clapping, as well as crying like a baby as the truth she professes pierces Elizabeth’s very being and sends her and her life on the road back to God.

So in total, the reason that works is due to the fact that there is simply no denying “War Room” brings a message, an encouragement, a conviction, and a challenge to the heart of anyone who watches that is desperately needed in this world. And may it truly serve as a reminder that having faith, praying to God, knowing Him more, and seeking out that truth, can only lead to better things, better lives, and a better future of hope.

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  1. Reply Kenny Lent Aug 29,2015 10:19 pm

    I saw this film and all I can is Wow. Ebery chrustuan should see this film. It challenged me to step up my game and pray with a renewed passion and fervor to the Lord.

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