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Greetings to all readers and welcome to the next edition of “In Development”, where shares about what’s new and exciting out there within the independent film world as well as about the people who are making it happen.  This time I am addressing something a little different, though still well-immersed in the indie genre’s arena—the developing website ““, which, as you can see, heralds from across the Pond in England.  I was approached by the site’s founder and supporter Andrew John to take a look at the site and write up some thoughts about it.  So, how about I do just that, eh?

Presenting a unique format for viewers, creator Andrew John’s goal and purpose with this effort is to provide a platform where not only will visitors be able to come and view independent film content from filmmakers all over the world, but one day purchase indie film and web series content . Also, the site will give opportunity for indie filmmakers to have one centralized place to present their material, plus do this alongside a myriad of other filmmakers and their projects. As John states on the site’s “About Us” page, “Put simply, our goal is to give independent film makers a home, to showcase alongside other amazing independent films and web shows. At the same time, we aim to bring audiences into this fantastic new world of original independent entertainment.”

Door9-2 Door9-1

Additionally, another goal is to be able to be a hub for originality and freedom of expression, which are two of the hallmarks found within the independent film world. Thanks to the website’s launch in late 2015, visitors from all over can now come and treat themselves to the wealth of indie films and web series currently available, which gives more exposure to the filmmakers themselves as well as establishing whole new awareness and audience for the indie genre, since so often, it tends to be the material that ends up getting lost in the film industry and media shuffle, namely by the attention so much given to big budget studio projects. Thankfully, there are people out there like Andrew who truly desire to see independent film and web series content have its day in the sun, ideally bringing a unifying sense to the community.


Easy to navigate for content, viewing said content, or submitting a project, while also offering the chance to sign up for a free account on the site, it is very clear to this reviewer that Andrew and are making a bid to become a new, fresh, growing, and impactful force in the indie realms. Want to know how to keep track of everything going on in Andrew and the site’s world?  How about via these options:

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As anyone who follows independent films and series knows, it’s all about word of mouth and any other form of promotion these efforts can get via avid fans to make the material become something noticed by the world.  So please take the opportunity to check out independent content and if you like what you see, support it, spread the word, contribute towards a project, or explore whatever avenues you can to assist in helping this world realize there is amazing content to be had!

So, until next time, thank you for reading and for all your support of!

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