In Support Of: “Maya” and Nepal Relief Efforts 1


Good day everyone and welcome to a new kind of post for I am calling the new column/category “In Support Of” to draw attention to situations that involve films whose directors, producers, and others associated with the project are utilizing their film’s release online or otherwise to specifically direct part of the proceeds towards worthy causes around the world or that are close to their hearts.


In this debut article, we come back to a fantastically done, highly powerful short film, “Maya”, from director Veemsen Lama and producer Tom Cullingham, that I had the utmost honor to screen and review here.  Now that the film has its official release online underway, Veemsen and Tom are taking it to the next level in announcing they will be donating 25% of their profits towards two wonderful charity efforts who benefited the families stricken by the Nepal earthquake of May 2015, after which the two men raised over $2400 U.S. worth of aid. These organizations are: C.H.A.N.C.E. Nepal and MAITI Nepal.


Nepal has more than a special place in Veemsen’s heart, being a child of that country himself, as well as a former Gurkha soldier. The impoverished conditions he witnessed visiting his home country several years ago, especially among children, is what inspired him to create the narrative viewed in “Maya”. Three young children escape one potential fate at the hands of slavers only to find themselves struggling to survive on hopes and dreams in the heart of Kathmandu. To say this project is worth heading to its Vimeo OnDemand site and paying a small price to watch would be a serious understatement.

So, how can you follow and/or find out more about “Maya” and help make your mark on the lives of Nepalese children and others there by purchasing/renting the film?  How about by visiting these specific online resources:


The Official Vimeo On Demand Film Site: HERE

Javiya Films Official Website: HERE

“Follow” the film’s Twitter Account: HERE

“Like” the film’s Facebook Page: HERE

Veemsen Lama’s Official Website: HERE


Supporting independent film is already in itself something this reviewer strives to do.  But, seeing how watching this film through its On Demand options and knowing funds are going towards relief efforts in Nepal, it simply emphasizes to me that these filmmakers are willing to not just put their efforts forth in order to get attention drawn to themselves and their talents, but that the deeply human connection the indie community shares with others around the world makes it an arena of filmmaking that deserves even bigger, expanded notice for its generosity and concern for others while providing quality entertainment.

As always, this is all for your consideration and comment.  Until next time, thank you for reading!


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