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First, the Recap:

Do we ever truly enjoy being scrutinized? When it comes to being assessed, especially in our commitments to another, the revelations that can arise will either become a catalyst for growth or the harbinger of further unresolved issues being disclosed. If it does become the latter, the question then arises–where do we go from there? On a typical evening, a knock at the door reveals the arrival of Mona (Hima Singh), an escort who’s been called there by an unnamed man (Yogendra Vikram Singh). Intent would seem evident on both of their parts, yet their time together takes a decidedly different turn.

With the man’s initial advances being somewhat stifled, then rather blatantly hesitant despite Mona’s attempts to initiate their encounter as would be expected, conversation begins to rule the night rather than an illicit liaison. They begin to delve into each other’s pasts, addressing the concepts of self-worth, marriage, and, truthfully, their own perceptions of themselves in the context of where they find their lives at, with him being married and her profession being what it is. As events escalate and a highly emotional turning point is reached, it sheds a jarring light on the pair’s tete-a-tete.

Next, my Mind:

Relationships in all their forms shall forever be the stuff that films, short or feature length, will explore. Given this reality, it is up to filmmakers to create something fresh within the subject that captures the attention of viewers who have “seen it all before”.  For writer/dirtector Vishal Srivastava, this gets successfully accomplished in only a little over 12 minutes via a story of how our initial perceptions of people, viewpoint of commitment, and the depth of love’s hold on us can get so deeply tested in ways we may or may not be prepared to face. The film’s simple, one-setting format allows us to center in on the two characters involved, very much making the way for the building drama and tensions between them that leads up to the film’s volatile and impassioned finale that provides one whopper of a twist to the proceedings. What also makes it so effective is the fact that one expects events to unfold one way, but goes a totally opposite direction, and this in itself is a statement of how we sometimes judge things so quickly on the surface rather than truly being patient to see how it will all actually progress, which can be applied to so much of life overall.

Yogendra Vikram Singh is a wonderful study in character acting and intentionally understated performance via his role as the Man, who on the exterior would appear to be just any other quietly desperate soul looking for a quick “fix” or “good time” via hiring a prostitute. Yet, it turns out he possesses more internal turmoil in need of attention as opposed to what he might feel are his physical needs, and this comes out as his conversations and overtly benign “actions” with Mona progress into sharing of hearts instead of sex. But, it also illustrates his insecurities perhaps, escalating to a point where it finally gets the better of him. However, it is in that moment where the inner healing comes, all well-played by Singh. Likewise, Hima Singh’s Mona presents the picture of a woman who knows her purpose and profession, even seeing herself as someone who honestly isn’t supposed to be genuinely loved by any man, yet then gets her desire to be exposed as the Man begins to ask her the questions he does. Soon, even with all her efforts to simply initiate the encounter they’re supposed to have, Mona opens up a bit and soon tells about her past, all of which then leads to the heartrending release she faces with him. It showcases how much she’s actually affected by the mentality of her means of employment and love, and it’s all so well enacted, with poise and grace, by Singh.

In total, “One Fine Night”, with its deeply character-driven narrative and affecting twist of a finale, presents a potent look at the relationship between a man and a woman who were both looking for answers they didn’t even realize were questions within themselves, then finding that the resolutions discovered are more telling than could have ever been expected, impacting them both, and changing the course of their futures.

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