Indie Film Review “Yellow Day”



First, the Recap:

The loss of faith. Life throws curves at us almost daily. Yet, we have a choice to make–let these impediments deter us from attaining our dreams, or otherwise choose to stand up and battle against these mountains in order that we may overcome and find what we seek. A young man (Drew Seeley) arrives at Camp Grace in Mobile, AL with his friend Benjamin (Akeem Smith) in tow. The young man’s goal–to find a girl (Lindsey Shaw) he’d met previously who always attends the camp’s Yellow Day, a special day set aside to celebrate the camp itself, but also for some to receive visions and miracles from God that alter their lives forever. Not sure what to expect, the young man pushes forth.

However, upon not seeing his intended goal, the young man is suddenly transported multiple times away from present activities into a spiritual world found between moments where a joyous 10-year old girl (Ashley Boettcher) accompanies him on a magical adventure. With stories of faith, hope, and love revealed to him, plus seeing true heroes of faith persevering through trust in God via transfigured hearts and lives, the young man enters each new time with a renewing sense of heart, mind, and soul. But, as with any journey of faith, there are dark times to confront and conquer as well, and so it becomes an even bigger test of his newly revived faith and courage to finally obtain what he’s been searching for.

Next, my Mind:

In honestly one of the most original, entertaining, and spiritually uplifting indie film efforts this reviewer has viewed within the faith-based genre, director Carl Lauten and writer G.P. Galle, Jr. deliver a whimsical, fantastical, family-friendly, poignant, endearing, heart-changing, soul-stirring narrative sure to impact anyone who watches it for the better. Presented with an innocent yet potently challenging message about reliance on God, faith, friendship, family, dreams, and belief while treating the viewer to a visually engaging atmosphere thanks to a combination of live action and beautifully crafted animation sequences throughout, the story moves along in real time, flashback, and enchanting “in between moments” that all work together to enhance the greater meanings and subjects addressed. It’s nothing short of inspiring, which from the start, is the filmmaker’s intent. Paired with Luke Denton’s wonderful and deeply emotive music score, this is a total package of positivity and strong spiritual themes so needed in these tumultuous times.

Seeley as The Good Man (which he is known by during the film) is quite effective, as he’s so adept here at playing someone who’s in a state of both searching for and loss of faith, trying to find the one person he connected with on that level, even without knowing fully to what ends. It’s an energetic performance and yet likewise a subdued one, filled with sincere heart and sentiment. Shaw as the Girl In The Church, whom the young man had met there and spent unanticipated time with due to circumstances revealed, is also so genuine and real as a soul whose own life has endured childhood trauma amongst successes that have shaped and formed her, therefore becoming indicators of why she desires someone to simply know, understand, and relate to on a basic human level. Boettcher is absolutely bubbly, adorable, cute as a button, and charming as The Good Man’s guide, friend, and encourager through the paths he must trod, but also becomes an even larger part of his story than expected.

Supporting turns are provided by Smith as the young man’s sometimes overzealous friend Benjamin, Meagan Holder as Taylor, a camp counselor who catches Benjamin’s eye and affections, and Galle, Jr. as the camp head, G.P., along with additional roles from Rose Abdoo, Stu Silver, David Richey, Keone Fuqua, and the wonderful narrative voice of Rick Lance. Overall, “Yellow Day” is indeed one of those needed films that present faith in God in a non-invasive way while still offering the challenge to viewers that when facing life’s trials, there is a place to turn for the peace, comfort, love, acceptance, and transformation we can all use every single day.

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