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First, the Recap:

Ok. Seriously. No, really.  I mean, when are young people ever going to figure out the reality in the fact you don’t go around tempting fate by treating stories about freaky cult goings-on and super blood moons with due respect?? Sure, there’s no such thing as other-dimensional portals with nasty things that want to come through and wreak havoc on everyone, right? The day is going normal for Jake (Brian Gerson) as he chooses to come home for the weekend, only to find his parents away on vacation for the entire time.

With the strains of local news speaking about a macabre event which took place at a local “spiritual center”, Jake and his good pal Taylor (Garrett A.M. Lee) decide it’s high time to rock the house, throwing a massive party. During the craziness, Jake, Nathan (Ryan Demarest), Tanya (Joyce Hall), and Shiloh (Dixie Rebelle) start discussing the news item in more detail, with Shiloh explaining the dark implications of the super blood moon and creatures associated with it. Soon, it becomes more than apparent for Jake that his home won’t quite be the same this particular evening, and that the after party will be the last thing on his mind.

Next, my Mind:

The horror genre has always been one of extremes for this reviewer, moreso as it generally doesn’t tend to attract or interest me, with very few, more recently released exceptions.  For the new 11+ minute short film from co-writers/directors/producers/cinematographers/editors/wait, what don’t these guys do?? Brian Gerson and Joseph R. Davis, it is an exercise in both intentional scare film cliché and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek execution intermixed with what are set to be tension-building factors that lead up to the inevitable encounter with the nasties who’ve come to crash the party. The crude language I could do without, per personal preference, but otherwise the dialogue flows well enough and the SFX are actually quite apropos given the overall purpose of illustrating what’s come to visit Jake’s residence.

Gerson is quite entertaining as the lead, Jake, in that he plays the role just like you expect a fright film character to be. Initially ignoring or not believing any potential warning signs things could get dicey, his cavalier/unconcerned attitude and desire to simply get wild ultimately comes back on him as anticipated. Likewise, Lee’s Taylor, Demarest’s Nathan, Hall’s Tanya, and Rebelle’s Shiloh all wonderfully contribute, via their respective characters, to the myriad of personality types represented and how they ingest the entire notion of the super blood moon legend and the freakiness of the local mass suicide that seems to be tied into it. Regardless of their viewpoints, they all play their parts well, even as we know their character’s fates are sealed.

In total, “It’s Lurking” will honestly hit viewers in different ways, I feel. Some will find scares, others will not. Some will not like there’s actually a complete absence of blood & gore, while others, myself for example, won’t miss it at all. When it all ends, and this isn’t meant in any negative context, it becomes a testament to both how overtly hilarious horror films actually are, but yet how they hold within them the ability to get under our skin and cause us sleepless nights, while they attempt to put the ideas in our heads that monsters actually do exist. Anyone up for a nice walk in the moonlight?

As always, this is all for your consideration and comment.  Until next time, thank you for reading!

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