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First, the Recap:

There are consequences to the choices we make–some good, some bad–mostly dependent on the situation we find ourselves facing. When we come to own up to those choices, where will it put us, and who pays the price for the decisions that follow? Powered by drugs and sustained by an as yet revealed motivation, criminals Charlie and Lara Morgan (Jesse Platt and Samantha Hum) have caused mayhem as they cross the rugged coastal regions of British Columbia robbing banks. However, along the wild road they’ve trod, one robbery gone wrong has saddled them with an unexpected “guest”, Andrew Boone (Tavis Morton), an ex-cop whose world has just impacted the pair’s plans, and so they take him along.

Still at odds in Boone being involved, they all arrive at a compound run by Donovan Bishop (Will Kemp), a well-spoken, magnetic, and overly zealous leader whose concepts of defying the norm have turned him from cultural rebel to crime lord. More than willing to show exactly how unhinged he is under the calm exterior, Bishop’s concerns about Charlie and Lara’s choice of compatriots for their robbery spree plus the possibility of a rat in their midst, forces harsh action.  Additionally holding a bargaining chip over them in the form of a child, Olive (Sahara Forest), and changing the terms of their original arrangement with him, Bishop sets in motion a new plan for the now-formed team of three that will test them to the fullest.

Next, my Mind:

Directed by David I. Strasser, this 10-minute short film, co-written by Strasser and actor Platt, is actually a proof-of-concept effort that effectively sets up what could most certainly become a full length feature, should that choice be made.  Purposely leaving off at what ultimately feels like the beginning of its narrative, the premise being portrayed certainly has merit and would make a solid tale since it leaves the viewer wondering exactly what events are about to transpire following the set up provided. Smoothly filmed, quick-paced, and presenting interesting characters in a twisted scenario to delve into, one can only hope that Strasser and Co. do indeed make the move to create a larger picture from this logical and sound start.

One further benefit illustrated here as is a well-chosen and veteran cast, whose experience very much shows in the roles they play.  Platt and Hum as the Morgans are equally adept in showcasing two lost souls who are truthfully in too deep via forced indebtedness to a cult-like organization and its leader.  Wanting it to just be over, the two still show a sense of fortitude in their desire to just get their assigned “mission” completed and be away from it all. Tavis Morton is good as Boone, a man disgraced who’s also ended up in the deep end of the criminal pool, the opposite side of things from where he began. Kemp is an absolute gem in playing Bishop, a completely deluded, tyrannical criminal whose moral compass has long since departed, if ever even possessed.

In summary, “The Third Bandit” is only scratching the surface of a greater plot which ideally will get developed and made into a full length indie film.  Until then, this is 10 minutes worth investing in, then storing away in the back of your mind to conceive ideas of what comes next until it actually, hopefully, does.

As always, this is all for your consideration and comment.  Until next time, thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Short Film Review “The Third Bandit”

  1. Reply Anna Randall Mar 6,2016 11:39 am

    Great acting. Awesome directing and producing.
    Fast paced..and believable. Great job to all involved.

  2. Reply Javier Mar 6,2016 3:45 pm

    Really intense! Will Kemp was just incredible. I was actually quite surprised to see such a strong film in a community television contest. Bring on the feature!

  3. Reply Indie Film Fan Mar 6,2016 6:20 pm

    Had a “Badlands” feel. Pretty impressive for a bunch of new filmmakers. The pace was fast, but that kept me watching, unlike most short films, which I just turn off after 2 minutes. Will Kemp is definitely the standout performance. I’m with you, they need to make the full-length version, I really want to know what happens next…

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