Snapshot Review “Passengers”


First, the Recap:

Across the ever deep, star-filled vastness of space, the ship Avalon glides with purpose, carrying on board over 5000 human beings in a 120-year hibernation to their new colony planet of Homestead II. However, when a freak encounter causes minor damage to the ship’s overall integrity, it ultimately causes two of its passengers to awake from slumber–90 years too soon. Panicked, alone with exception of the ship’s android barkeep Arthur (Michael Sheen), the two lost and disheartened souls, an engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and writer/journalist Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence), struggle and strive to make a life for themselves, falling for each other in the process, even as they try desperately to determine a way to return to their suspended state.

Worth Seeing: Yes

More credit should be given to director Morten Tyldum and writer Jon Spaihts for this solidly executed sci-fi drama which, while falling into a decent amount of cliché into the film’s second act admittedly, still manages to carry the effective and affecting weight of its greater themes about choices made for the sake of survival, one’s sanity, and the acceptance of things that cannot be changed. Seeing the visuals in 3D, especially for the sequences that involve showcasing the sheer immensity of space, was more than worth the upcharge for this reviewer, and the very palpable chemistry between the gorgeous Lawrence and the always affable Pratt likewise assists in elevating the narrative. Yes, again, the originality factor was absent in the last 45-60 minutes, but still, with some clever twists thrown in, the film provides at minimum some great escape from reality. Plus, I am always a sucker for a positive ending, predictable or not.

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