Summer Snapshot Review “Lights Out”

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First, the Recap:

**Sigh** When are people going to learn that if something sinister your way comes–get away! Don’t go poking around dark places, behind slightly ajar doors, pitch black basements, closets, etc, etc.  Reeling from the sudden loss of a husband and stepfather, Paul (Billy Burke), widow Sophie (Maria Bello) and her young son Martin (Gabriel Bateman) attempt to cope. Unfortunately, Sophie’s idea of coping is keeping company with a dark, menacing presence named Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey). Having caught glimpses of her, Martin desperately turns to his older, estranged sister Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) for help. Initially thinking its all a figment of her depressed mother’s damaged psyche, things are frighteningly proven otherwise. Soon, it’s up to Rebecca, Martin, and Rebecca’s friend Bret (Alexander DiPersia) to put an end to Diana’s haunting.

Worth Seeing: Kinda sorta

With “The Conjuring 1 & 2” helmer James Wan taking on producer duties, writer/director David F. Sandberg takes the reins of this spook fest based off of one of his own short films. Like so many efforts within this borderline overdone, yet consistently popular, genre, the narrative moves along briskly and explains everything necessary to realize why the unnatural creature of note is doing what it’s doing. There’s no denying the creepiness factor present here, but again, it still feels like so many scares are just a touch too telegraphed to be constantly on the edge of your seat in anxious anticipation like it should be. The acting is fine, the ghostly Diana is freaky, the ending somewhat surprising, but overall–thinking maybe just avoiding the trailers altogether when considering one of these efforts might help the “jump” scene factor and other scary moments stay that way.

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