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Greetings readers!  On this wonderful Saturday morning, my exclusive coverage of the new supernatural/paranormal/life lesson-based indie film, “Urban Myths” continues with a slightly different kind of interview…this time coming from a Production Crew member’s perspective.  In conjunction with Renee Shaw at ReSource Marketing, we felt it would be a unique point of view to provide as well as a great way to simply acknowledge more of the behind-the-scenes people who greatly assist in making what will be the final product that is “Urban Myths”. Therefore, let’s get into my interview with Makeup Special Effects artist, Jamie Gasper, who lets us in on how she got here, what the experience has been like so far, and being a part of putting Lou Ferrigno, Jr. out in the cold!

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One Film Fan:  The story so far, how were you first drawn to the Makeup profession? When did it become evident that this was going to be your career choice?

Jamie Gasper:  I have always loved makeup.  It started with thinking the hot pink lip sticks and neon blue eye shadows were pretty as a little girl, all the way to the discovery of my first set of MAC products.  I was always the one designated to do makeup on all of my friends when the girls would get ready, and I, of course, loved to paly with different looks on my own face.  It wasn’t until I found professional makeup artist Kandee Johnson that I knew it could be a real career.

O.F.F.:  How did you further learn/enhance your skill set (ie: mentors, influences, schooling)?

JG:  I first started learning things from YouTube and Kandee’s channel…that was where I would say I learned the most.  But, I knew if I wanted to make a career out of this, YouTube wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed more, so I attended Michigan’s only licensed trade school for Film Fashion and Makeup, Astute Artistry. I got my State certification in both Beauty and Special F/X makeup.

O.F.F.:  What was you very first project and how does/did that prepare you for the future in the film and/or TV industry?

JG:  I was lucky enough to land gigs while still in school.  I started with fashion shows and modeling shoots.  My first production was a Detroit local feature called “Two-Eleven”.  Every project I have done, and continue to do, are equally important in teaching me not only how to better my craft, but how to adapt to surroundings, and how to feed off the talents that surround you.  One of the most rewarding parts of working on a project, film especially, is basking in the immense talent that surrounds you, and the creativity that flows constantly.

O.F.F.:  To date, and based on other projects you’ve been a part of, how has the experience of working with directors and actors been? Has it lived up to expectations (if any) you had in getting into the film/TV industry?

JG:  When working on a film, you’re faced with talent of all capacities.  Some actors are known world wide, while others might only have one other production under their belt, but you can’t let that get to you.  I can say I have worked with some difficult actors, but I can also say I have worked with some of the most incredibly easy going ones, but at the end of the day you have a job to do, and you have a vision to achieve and you have to do what it takes to achieve it.  Makeup artists work closely with directors, and sometimes that can be difficult because you may have different visions, but it is important to have open communication, and work professionally no matter what the situation to have a successful outcome.

O.F.F.:  So, onto your current project, “Urban Myths”, currently filming……What drew you to this film or how did the opportunity come about?

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JG:  I was given this opportunity from the school I trained at.  I currently work there and they needed an artist they could trust to pack up and leave for a month, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity.

O.F.F.:  Tell us a bit about how it’s been overall so far working on this film….

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JG:  Working on “Urban Myths” was nothing less than amazing.  I can honestly say I had the time of my life.  I was blessed with such an awesome cast and crew to work with.  I have never seen such a concentration of talented people.  Everyone worked so hard and stayed so dedicated, it gave me industry lessons that will last a life time.  From a makeup aspect it was an awesome mix of beauty and gore, and it gave me challenges, but seeing it come to life was all the reward I needed.

O.F.F.:  More specifically, how has the experience of working with Lou Ferrigno, Jr., director Kim Marie, and the rest of this cast been? Any funny anecdotes to share?

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JG:  The cast of this film were unlike any other.  I worked very closely with the cast, especially Lou, he was a good sport considering I had to put blood, mud, and fake sweat on him, then send him off shirtless into the woods in the middle of the night on a 30 degree night.  Kim was great to work with too, for being a rookie, she never showed it.  She was awesome to feed ideas to, and learn from.

O.F.F.:  I can only guess you feel a great sense of accomplishment in working on this film. Does this influence you to want to go beyond indie films to big budget features, or have you found smaller productions suit you more? What would be your dream project to be a part of?

JG:  I’m not picky!  I want to do everything.  I love the closeness of an indie set, but who doesn’t want to venture into the world of big budget?  I love doing gore makeup, so my ultimate goal is to work on a big budget horror film!

O.F.F.:  What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the production side of the film industry in general?

JG:  It’s not going to fall into your lap.  If you want it, you really have to go out and grab it.  In the makeup world specifically, I highly recommend getting formal training.  There are far too many self proclaimed “professional makeup artists”, and that gives the industry a bad look.  Getting proper schooling and certification will teach you trouble shooting, thinking outside of the box, product utilization, and sanitation.

O.F.F.:  As everyone who reads my interviews knows and expects, I always end with this question….What is YOUR favorite film of all time? Why?

JG:  In terms of enthronement, I prefer romantic comedies, I love anything with Ashton Kutcher.  But, my favorites to watch for inspiration are “The Hobbit” movies.  The f/x work in those is unlike anything else.  Every single character has a prosthetic of some sort, or fake hair applied, the amount of work that goes into those movies is unreal.


And so, another wonderful opportunity to get the “inside scoop” on “Urban Myths” from the view behind the scenes.  A special thanks to Jamie Gasper for taking the time out of her job duties on set to do this interview and also to Kim Marie and the cast of the movie for allowing me to cover this ongoing production from start to finish!  It continues to be a very cool journey and I am proud to be a part of it.  One more shout out to Renee Shaw and ReSource Marketing as well, for the support and presenting these chances to connect with the production.  Stay tuned, as more is still to come!


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