In Development: Drew Hall’s “Aether” 2

As 2015 is getting to be almost 2 full months old, I received an email from indie director Drew Hall, whom I worked with in conjunction with his recently released project “Convergence“.  Now, Drew has advised me his newest effort, “Aether”, is in the beginning stages and has offered to allow OneFilmFan to be a part of posting material associated with it as it comes about.  Very excited to be asked to do this and am looking forward to the opportunity to share with readers the development of “Aether” via provided links, interviews, pictures, and whatever else Drew feels is pertinent to share.

Described by Drew himself as “a steampunk-inspired science fiction film”, these initial stages of concept and direction have been key in deciding how it will ultimately be pitched.  He also indicates that “the goal is to pitch the property as either a series or a feature film – we’d love both…but hey, we’re not greedy.”  Also, Drew is looking very much to get people involved via supporting and promoting the effort during this early time.  “The steampunk community is rallying behind us, but we’d love any support we can muster.  We’re not looking for crowdfunding in terms of monies – we’re looking for crowdfunding via shares, likes, tweets, and mentions.”

So, in view of that request, here is the project’s Facebook Page:

Please take a look and “Like” the Page and tell others about it!

Next, follow Drew Hall on Twitter here and his film company, Frame 29 Films, here and here

When Tweeting, please include the following hashtags#Aether #DauphinIsland #FortGaines #welcomebackscifi

Finally, Drew states “We also have some pretty cool behind the scenes vignettes to help tide people over until the next wave of content is completed.  They’re kind of like all the fun of a film shoot without the hurry up and wait – or cold winds!”  And so I leave you with the links to those for enjoyment and promotion of this new project!  Stay tuned for more news and features as it progresses here at!

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –
Day 4 –



2 thoughts on “In Development: Drew Hall’s “Aether”

  1. Reply Dannell Feb 22,2015 1:29 am

    My son Skylar Sirmon was able to be apart of this and he loved every minute of it. I love the Aether’s trailers and I think it would be a wonderful TV series. I hate reality TV and would love something new. If my son was a small part of it that would be an incredible bonus. I am so amazed with The make up, costumes, and I know the location but it looks so different with the wonderful filming.
    Already a fan,

    • Reply Feb 28,2015 2:46 am

      Hi, Dannell! That’s really great that your son actually got to be a direct part of this indie film! I am most certainly enjoying being a part of covering its ongoing development and will most certainly be looking forward to the final product! Drew Hall is a VERY good director and I enjoyed his film “Convergence”. Thanks for reading the article, visiting the site, and I hope you continue to come back! Take care!

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