Short Film Review “Love The Original Way”

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First, the Recap:

If there is ever one thing we as human beings are longing to find, in whatever form it might take mind you, it’s love. Obviously, the common longing for most of us is to encounter not only our soulmate, that one person who can truly fulfill us, but also that special someone who will stay genuine, committed, and engaged with us through thick and thin. Yeah–easier said than done. Sissy (Keldamuzik) is only trying to better herself while in attendance at a local addict’s recovery meeting run by the overtly eccentric and more than a little too “hands on” leader, Tyler (Colin Asher). However, along with others like Angela (Serena Toxicat) and Aaron (Nick Dagger), Sissy only strives to see life improve.

Struggling with multiple substances and being able to hold down a job, Sissy’s needs also run to the world of dating via an online app her two gossipmonger girlfriends, Laudi (Shamay Currie) and Milan (Dalya Wynn), suggest she try out. Entering a run of not so great and/or just plain oddball suitors, though, it would appear initially that new love is something Sissy might not end up discovering. Still attempting to navigate the recovery class while gaining new outlook on her future prospects, a connection is unexpectedly made via the same app with what would seem to be the ideal candidate. Choosing to take a chance and meet up for a date, the revelation of who her Prince Charming is gives Sissy a breath of new excitement and hope.

Next, my Mind:

Director/cinematographer/editor Hassan L. Moore, along with lead actress/writer/producer/music head Keldamuzik, bring about a wonderfully simple, straightforward, playfully charming short film effort that actually paints a very affecting portrait of what factor matters most when searching for that connection with another in the arena of love–being yourself. Casting a light on the insecurities and surface gestures/actions we so often attempt to woo someone with when all we need to do is be who we are, the narrative here moves along with a solid mix of drama and humor while delivering its message about the power of attraction via sincerity and being real. Despite its abbreviated length, the film has the total joy of showcasing the ensemble cast effectively and to perfect impact for the viewer. Basic set pieces and uncomplicated shots nicely leave the focus on said characters, which is so often what great films are based on.

Actress/recording artist/TV personality/model/public speaker Keldamuzik lends both a dramatic and fun-filled atmosphere in her role as Sissy, playing her as a woman on a mission, both in overall life enhancement and in a quest to find someone to share her refinement with. At times all confident attitude and other times very vulnerable, the actress takes you on her character’s journey with intent, plus lending some original music to the proceedings. Currie  and Wynn add some drama to things as Sissy’s best friends, who seem to have the best in mind for her when it comes to finding a man, but perhaps not always the absolutely best advice. Asher’s nutty recovery leader is hilarious, and Toxicat, Dagger, plus others round things out as members of Sissy’s recovery group to fun effect. It’s a crazy world when it comes to getting life back on track, but the finale here is meant to illustrate how the unanticipated can make crazy sane again.

Overall, “Love The Original Way” securely plants itself amongst indie short films with its whimsy, never-give-up/don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover approach, and pleasant delivery that ultimately brings about what we so much desire when sitting down to watch a film–beyond depth and storytelling—entertainment.

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