Short Film Review “The Clone Theory”

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First, the Recap:

The digital age. Technology all around us. Even with the obviousness of it all–evidenced by the cell phones, computers, tablets, gaming systems, Blu-Ray players, et al that we see and rely on every day–constantly draining our attention, do we not realize the absolute control it places over us? But a more ominous implication–machines actually BEING in control over this world and everything we put our minds, work efforts, emotions, and time into.

Such is the dilemma faced by one man (Anthony Paul Stevens) as he sits in front of a laptop, typing methodically, eyes fixated on the glowing screen in front of him. Pondering all the weighty possibilities of what a world dominated by intelligent and prying tech could be like, another premise is introduced, one that illuminates an even scarier scenario, that thrives on the basic fact that what about us do these machines not already know?

Have we already been replaced?

Next, my Mind:

This new sci-fi/thriller-based indie short film lasts only 3 minutes, and yet honestly delivers a relevant, real world message that will truly make you think afterwards in regard its very direct commentary about the state of our tech-heavy, tech-reliant society, and the absolutely ominous potentiality of what the fates could hold for humanity. Add in the film’s key sci-fi element, and the picture is complete, the point made, and an unsettling future proposed.

Stevens takes on, literally, every aspect of this project, from the filming itself, to the editing, the acting, and the voiceover work.  And this is carried off with a solidly smooth execution that allows the viewer to engage in the story without any pretense or distraction. His tech-obsessed character is well played in that you can tell he’s a puppet to the systems he interacts with, and when the final reveal comes, it makes the film’s directive even more precise.

Add the atmospheric music and what is presented is a fully realized story in the space of time it takes to listen to one song on your iPod, or laptop, or phone, or desktop, or….

As always, this is all for your consideration and comment.  Until next time, thank you for reading!





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